Statement in Solidarity with the Global Women’s March 2017

As women from all over the world prepare to gather and march on Jan 20th, global healers are also preparing to hold the rim of the circle for them. In BOLD Rebirth is organizing a global call to send them off in prayer, invoking them in light and protection and making sure that our ancestors lead the march.

We have always know that the battle against humanity is also a spiritual war. The cost of capitalism and violence against women and girls and the LGBT community and black folk is their power, their aliveness, their creativity and in essence their SPIRIT.

As women, young girls, and communities all over the world prepare to March on Jan 21st, it is imperative that they prepare not just for their physical safety but their spiritual safety as well. We need healing spaces. We are creating a safe space for those of us unable to attend marchs (because of work, mental health, accessibility or other needs) to join the call. We are ALL in this together. We need those attending to know that they are not alone. That we are watching, we are witnessing, we are holding them, containing, praying, conjuring, burning candles, and doing rituals for their safety mind, body and spirit.

THIS IS A GLOBAL CALL TO ACTION for HEALERS all over the WORLD,hosted by Stephanie Syd Yang and Dayanara Marte and you our partners this Friday, Jan 20th, 9am PST, 10am MST, 11am, CST and 12pm EST to prepare ourselves spirituality and conjure what we want to be inaugurating this weekend and for the next four years.

Pre-election and post-inauguration and everyday and moment in between women and women of color specifically have been holding their breathe and their bodies as they have experienced violence on all fronts, mind, body and spirit. And they will March anyway, survivors and victims.

As always women once again will put their bodies and spirits on the line and they will need the support of something so much bigger than them…their spirituality! We will let them know that with all their failed attempts our spirit are still here and more powerful than ever.

Join us to
1. Call in your ancestors, who do you want to march with you this weekend?
2. Vision what you want to inaugurate this weekend in your life and for the world and for the work you are doing?
3. Invoke spiritual warriors and freedom fighters that we want to lead this march and have our sides, back , front, and who we want above and below?
4. Create a spiritual safety plan and medicine bag? What do you need to take with you?

Here is what you can and should do this week to prepare yourself, your organization, your constituency and the people going with you. ATTEND the call this FRIDAY, Jan 20th from 12:00-1:00pm EST, Spiritual Warrior: Inauguration Send Off. We will host a global conference call to prepare individually and spiritually for the March, talk about the impact that Marching may have on you during the event and what you can do, gather some resources and talk about next steps after the march is over.

Stay tuned for more details on our post-March debrief call, happening a few days after the March.This will also be a safe space to heal, release and share.

What makes moments like this historical is not just the change that transpires in the world but the power that women have to unite their spiritual energies and create visible magic at a point in time when they are the most invisible and when their spirituality is what capitalism fears the most.

HEALERS gather as a call to action from their ancestors on this day. We are making a call to the healers of this world to prepare us spiritually to march and gives us our cultural tools of resistance against any violence that may occur on January 21st . We arm our communities with the spiritual tools of our ancestors because it is our human right.

Spiritual Warriors United
Dayanara Marte and Stephanie Syd Yang

For those who were unable to join the call, the following is the recording.

Listen in to join the prayers, meditations, centering practices and gifts from a variety of powerful healers: Dayanara Marte, Zoe Flowers, Guadalupe Rocio Chavez, Jessica Robinson, Stephanie Syd Yang

Dayanara Marte- Outing CSA

Outing CSA

Dayanara is a stand to Out Child Sexual Abuse. Join me and the Heal2End Project and all victims and survivors who have sent in their videos and those silent in the world and send in your video to not only out CSA but to take your personal journey of healing to another level and our collective journey of liberation manifest.

Check out my video, Dayanara Marte on Outing CSA

CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNING: Child sexual abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, survivor Brown woman, wearing long shoulder length colorful earnings, red, green and yellow stripped head wrap. Has stud jewelry on a nose and labret piercing. Medium shot, wearing a black shirt, sitting in from of a white backdrop (wall/window with shear white curtains), speaking into camera/to audience.


Creating a video to out any trauma in our lives is very impactful. It takes courage and vulnerability. Read my initial reaction when I saw the video “Omg omg , being present to the feelings I’m having right now. I have written about it, I have spoken about it but to put this on video omg that’s a whole another thing. Thank you to Ignacio G Rivera from The HEAL project and Amita Swadhin and Maria Benbow for being one of the first videos I saw that helped me say fuck it I’m going to jump in and do it too! And to All the others who have submitted their videos to Heal2End Child Sexual Abuse.‪#‎outingCSA‬

It takes even more courage to take a stand against it. Read the project leaders, Ignacio Rivera’s response “Gracias! Thank you and Bo’matum Dayanara Marte and all the survivors who have and are able to participate in Outing CSA. We need to be talking about this broadly, openly and give face to it.”

To find out more about the project Meet Just Beginnings Collaborative Fellow, Ignacio Rivera

When the retreat is over: 10 signs to let you know your withdrawing!

Being a healer is more than just burning sage. It is a call to action, its a conjuring up, it is a witches brew of personal freedom and collective liberation. It is about being reparations when the state refuses, its about restoration of the spirit in a world that depletes it, its about regeneration of a peoples collective body in the aftermath of institutional oppression and its about the rebirth of nations and countries breaking the chains of internalized oppression. The smoke of sage is a spiritual call to action sending signals to our ancestors to hold us, to clear pathways, to keep us safe, to ground and root us as we fight in this human world.

Inspired by the work I did during the Black Womens BluePrint Truth and Reconciliation Commission this week and my bday this Friday. This Blog is dedicated to all the testifiers and participants of last weeks event and victims and survivors leading organizations and movements.


When the retreat is over: The feeling of WITHDRAWAL is Real. 

More and more of us, osisterhoodrganizers, social workers, victims and survivors are creating and attending events, workshops, retreats and trainings conjuring up, providing healing, opening up spaces within, listening to stories untold, making us think of things buried and hidden and holding up mirrors so we can step into another sisters shoes and another world.

These spaces can be magical because we are in community and sisterhood, people finally see and hear us and we feel like finally we belong to something. Two, three and four days we role deep, we see familiar faces and create new friendships, anything is possible, we build, we politic, we cry, we laugh and  we connect to what seems like the entire world and our lives all of a sudden make sense and THEN IT’S OVER!

Without preparation, we go back! We take airplanes, trains and automobiles back to our lives. Maybe for the first couple of days since the event we are high on life, doing, being in action with what we heard and what we realized about ourselves in relation to the world, we now have purpose!

But for many of us we go home afraid and in fear, we are exhausted from hearing  or telling of stories of violence and coming face to face with our biggest fears. Some of us may even feel a spiritual withdrawal feeling depleting energetically. While some of us go home  to only be reminded that there is no one there and you are now sitting with your “NEW NORMAL”. 

After hearing so many stories of violence you may have gotten triggered and found that you came home with an extra backpack full of your own story, full of questions about your past and future. What shaped me? Where is my community? Whose my tribe?

WITHDRAWING from these spaces is REAL and the feelings are pretty much like withdrawing from sugar, addiction and dis-ease. Our bodies go through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual withdrawal when we have to transition from healing spaces back into our personal lives.If you find your self going through some of these withdrawal symptoms know you are not CRAZY and you are not ALONE. 

10 Emotional Withdrawal Signs

  1. We find ourselves in bed wanting to sleep all day or have trouble sleeping because we are having vivid memories or nightmares.
  2. We don’t feel like we have energy to talk to anyone so we emotionally cut ourselves off. 
  3. The “New Normal” has us believing that no one understands us or everyone can see our story written on our faces.
  4. We don’t know how to explain what we experienced?
  5. We get real busy and may just want to forget so we avoid ourselves in every corner or mirror and avoid any possibility of thinking.
  6. We walk around getting triggered, upset, anxious and nervous. Seeing violence and our story in everything and everyone.
  7. We may even go back to disassociating or self care that includes by picking up addiction in our lives.
  8. We live our life as if the violence we have experienced is currently  happening  to us everyday. RIGHT NOW! 
  9. We go home and we are not the same person and we start to find fault in our relationship and partners and even make ourselves wrong.
  10. We feel shame, guilt, blame, disappointment and resentment and are now on constant guard.

Returning back and leaving such sacred spaces may present amazing healing and transformation and also pose major challenges we are never quite prepared for. We may find it difficult to not only be ourselves but we may not even know or start questioning who we are? How will we disclose to our friends and family our new story that maybe something happened in our past that has resurfaced? Do we tell, will they understand? How do we go back to being a wife, and a mother, a partner and  a lover when we realize we ourselves are victims of abuse  and violence and everyone feels like a perpetrator right now?  Will we be able to pick up where we left off?

Going from safe spaces back into an unsafe world is hard, but you are not going crazy and you are not alone. Please Stay connected, reach out and in the future get someones phone number who attended the event with you and set up a time to keep in touch or find them on social media and reach out. Do something bigger than you so you can stop focusing on your own story. Support your body in emotional release so you can physically release trauma by doing exercise, crying, shaking, punching pillows. Light candles to stay connected to your inner light and create an altar for you and your ancestors asking for compassion and strength on this journey of grieving who we were, knowing that this too shall pass.