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The Traveling Healer

Fall Newsletter #1 Where in the World is Dr. DEE? I have missed you.

Happy Fall Equinox, its been way too long. I even miss myself. Unless you are on my facebook page or follow me on instagram you probably haven't heard from me in a while. Where have I been you ask? 1. I have been in school. Congrats to me! In August, I officially graduated from the University … [Read More...]

Special 2019 Coaching Packages: Transforming the way you LOVE, LIVE and LEAD!

  Every Little Girl Seasonal Healing and Transformational Leadership Coaching Packages   Transforming the way we live, love and lead. Every Little Girl Coaching Package for organizational and personal leadership will take participants through a seasonal healing journey of death and rebirth … [Read More...]

Statement in Solidarity with the Global Women’s March 2017

As women from all over the world prepare to gather and march on Jan 20th, global healers are also preparing to hold the rim of the circle for them. In BOLD Rebirth is organizing a global call to send them off in prayer, invoking them in light and protection and making sure that our ancestors lead … [Read More...]

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What every Sexual Abuse Survivor Wants You to Know.

It is the voice in our heads that tells us we are not enough, that we don’t deserve love, that it’s our fault, that no one will love us and that we don’t belong. That message came to me many times in my lifetime, but I wasn’t ready to expose it and give it voice. It came in intervals. Like the waves … [Read More...]

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A Woman In the Pursuit of Justice

Rusia Naureen Mohiuddin was born in Bangladesh in 1973, the year that two important cases dominated the United States news: Roe vs. Wade and the start of the Watergate hearings. She was born an identical twin, the pair born in the middle of four siblings. She says her journey towards social justice … [Read More...]

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Crossing Paths: Immigrant Children Traveling  Across Borders

As I wrap my head around what I am witnessing I realized that the work being done with the children crossing the borders is so out of context of these children lives and where these children are coming from politically. As they have crossed over borders the institutions treating and serving them are … [Read More...]

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