"Bring yourself to the alter and find the sacred, the sovereign, and the sanctuary in you" 

Retreat Center @ Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata

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My work (and this site) is devoted to healing. An inquiry and deep reflection into how you became who you are and how it impacts the way you love, live and lead!



I'm Dr. Dee.

A trusted healing justice coach, advisor &  consultant.  I envision a world where people can powerfully live into their future, birthing sustainable families and organizations, and leading a new world.


Dayanara is a crusader of truth, light, and healing. Her stories make you ache, but she is always lighting a way forward that resonates deeply in your soul. She is a global leader and storyteller and a fighter for women to overcome their own internal barriers and external circumstances to triumph in a life of fully expressed passion and peace.

Jensine Larsen 

Founder of WorldPulse


Dayanana allowed me to better understand that the condition of my personal life directly impacts how I perform professionally. Aligning my life goals with my professional goals allowed a more holistic overview and process of how I can better contribute my skills in contributing and living in a world I envision.

Cece Carpio 



There have been so many moments when I've witnessed Dayanara being a powerful stand for healing and justice. She fights tireless to end violence and to empower survivors to reclaim agency over their lives. I've witnessed her hold space for 30 women wailing, crying, stomping, circling the room in tears as they release the past and claim healing. 

Piper Anderson
Founder of Create Forward

From personal practice to organizational paradigm shift.
The World Healing Lab

Healing Justice at the Intersection.

Healing with the Seasons Meditation Series

In this fantastic (and free) audio course you'll learn a simple lesson that'll give you the courage and confidence to love yourself every season.

Being a healer is more than just burning sage. It's a call to action. It's a conjuring. It's about reparations when the state refuses and it's about restoration of the spirit in a world that depletes it.


Dr. Dee joins Inspired Justice and their amazing team of celebrities, social justice advisors, and trainers decolonizing and inspiring change. Healing justice is coming to the red carpet! 

"Dr. Dee has been actively involved in the sexual assault, domestic violence, mental and reproductive justice, and immigrant movement for over 25 years and has extensive experience transforming pain into power."


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