Dayanara Marte- Outing CSA

Outing CSA

Dayanara is a stand to Out Child Sexual Abuse. Join me and the Heal2End Project and all victims and survivors who have sent in their videos and those silent in the world and send in your video to not only out CSA but to take your personal journey of healing to another level and our collective journey of liberation manifest.

Check out my video, Dayanara Marte on Outing CSA

CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNING: Child sexual abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, survivor Brown woman, wearing long shoulder length colorful earnings, red, green and yellow stripped head wrap. Has stud jewelry on a nose and labret piercing. Medium shot, wearing a black shirt, sitting in from of a white backdrop (wall/window with shear white curtains), speaking into camera/to audience.


Creating a video to out any trauma in our lives is very impactful. It takes courage and vulnerability. Read my initial reaction when I saw the video “Omg omg , being present to the feelings I’m having right now. I have written about it, I have spoken about it but to put this on video omg that’s a whole another thing. Thank you to Ignacio G Rivera from The HEAL project and Amita Swadhin and Maria Benbow for being one of the first videos I saw that helped me say fuck it I’m going to jump in and do it too! And to All the others who have submitted their videos to Heal2End Child Sexual Abuse.‪#‎outingCSA‬

It takes even more courage to take a stand against it. Read the project leaders, Ignacio Rivera’s response “Gracias! Thank you and Bo’matum Dayanara Marte and all the survivors who have and are able to participate in Outing CSA. We need to be talking about this broadly, openly and give face to it.”

To find out more about the project Meet Just Beginnings Collaborative Fellow, Ignacio Rivera

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