Special Coaching Packages: Transforming the way you LOVE, LIVE and LEAD!


Every Little Girl Seasonal Healing and Transformational Leadership Coaching Packages 
 Transforming the way we live, love and lead.

Every Little Girl Coaching Package for organizational and personal leadership will take participants through a seasonal healing journey of death and rebirth of themselves so that they can lead their lives from a place of power and not from an unhealed past. I believe that you where born powerful and courageous, brave, deserving, worthy and belonging and then something happened. Something happened that shaped who you are today in all its resiliency and trauma. In our sessions we will explore the impact that violence (domestic, intimate partner, sexual assault, rape, molestation, child sexual abuse, incest, war, poverty, neglect, and institutional violence) has had on your mind, body and spirit and how it has shaped the way you lead your personal and
organizational life. Together, we will create practices towards a paradigm shift of your spirit by building your personal and collective capacity to lead your life and create the world you want to live in.

Spiritual Healing adds a unique dimension to my work towards the

  • Completion of core beliefs of self that limit your thinking
  • Revelation of untold stories and trauma to get to the root
  • Identification of patterns that contradict your future self
  • Ritualizing practices to support you in manifesting
  • Reclaiming cultural ways of leading and being a leader

The focus of my coaching is on the desired outcome and impact you want to have in the world, in your life
and family right now and in the future. Therefore, all our coaching conversation will take place in the
present and what habits, practices and behaviors you are doing that can impact your future.

We will focus on where you are in the moment, how you got there and what is stopping you from having what you say you want? Tell me what you are producing and I will tell you what you are committed to.

With your desired outcomes clear, we will create possibilities and a game plan on how to get from where you are and where you want to be. We will set up accountability practices that will support you in knowing if your actions and ways of being are in
alignment with what you want to produce in the world, your mission and values as well as your happiness and wellbeing and follow through with what you say you are committed to. Grounding our coaching in reality is an important tool to move
beyond fear and resistance.

You are the expert of your life and the journey of deep discovery you will go on with me will support you in distinguishing your own truth from those you have internalized due to trauma, violence and oppression. All I do is hold space and stand by you. I am a witness and a container & I listen for what you are not saying and say what you need to hear; you are worthy, it was not your fault, you are enough, you are loved, you belong, you did not deserve it, and you are whole, perfect and complete.

Something’s you will become present to in our sessions and come into your own awareness are
• What is possible and impossible for you to create given what you believe about yourself and what
you are currently doing?
• What about who you are being and doing would need to shift in order for you to have the
relationships and life you truly want?
• What is the story, the personal, historical and intergenerational context within which you are
operating from and who created it, your little girl, your adolescent self or the young adult in you?
• What are your beliefs, judgments, assumptions and expectations and what are they costing you?
• What is at stake and what is your probable future if you continue to let trauma and the past lead

Coaching Packages for Organizational and Personal Leadership

For a consultation request go to https://dayanaramarte.com/contact/ 

1. Seasonal Personalized package: Three months of coaching (Fall, Winter, Spring and
Summer) 10 hours for 3 months each season

• Crisis/Need to talk calls
• Individually designed calls – Online live or phone
• Goal Setting/Evaluation Process-Creation of the future self (2hrs)
• Quarterly Assessment of all areas (2hrs)
• Unlimited email and text access
• Complimentary Copy of In BOLD Rebirth Seasonal Newsletter
• (BONUS) Transition of Seasons Celebration and Re-Evaluation
• Weekly accountability updates to be sent by email or text
• Join face book private group
• First to know about upcoming Mastermind groups, webinars, retreats or other events for
clients/members only
• Get quick results with transformative assignments and practices
• Access to books and materials as requested.

Price: free 30 minute consultation/TBD based on what is created!

2. VIP Deep Immersion Retreat
Is a deep discovery process that dives into the root of your story to un cover the pieces of your life
that have had the most impact on you today, have shaped who you are in the world, what you think
you deserve, what you are worth and what you have the ability to manifest. We will unpack your
dreams and create a game plan for your life. We will look at what area of your life do you want
freedom in? Who your spirit is longing to be? What goals do you want to meet that will bring you
joy and closer to what you most care about? Most importantly, we will identify what is at stake and
what is it costing you, your joy, aliveness, love, health, wealth?
In a safe space we will practice techniques in emotional release to support any healing your mind,
body and spirt may need to let go of trauma so that you can meet all of yourselves with love and

Face to face heal and transformation retreat ( 4 hours)
1 month unlimited follow up email / text
As needed check in calls (at least 2)
Personalized rituals, advanced spiritual practices and additional time (add’t cost)

Price: free 30 minute consultation/TBD based on what is created!

3. Train the Trainer/Heal the Healer
My innovative approach, combined with healing and spirituality has proved consistently effective in
supporting executive directors, facilitators, healers, advocates, organizers, coaches, social workers and
people on the frontlines of social justice in how they show up in their organizational and leadership
development roles. I support you in building the capacity of your most valuable asset – yourself – so you
can have the spiritual capacity and professional confidence to meet the personal and leadership demands
of this changing world and the people in your life. My aim is to be an indispensable thinking partner you can
trust to support you in having the impact you want to have in the world.
Price: per budget

Support with
Facilitation skills/practices
Review assessment and evaluation materials
Program/coaching/training/retreat development
Co-create materials and agenda
Review contracts/agenda
Negotiating worth
Consulting as needed
Supervision, staff development  & On-boarding
Leadership capacity building

Price: free 30 minute consultation/TBD based on what is created!

4. Co-facilitation
Working with a colleague, as a co-facilitator is part of the collaborative contribution I want to have in the
world. Co-facilitating provides an opportunity for greater impact, personal and professional development,
shared leadership and meaningful exchange. Together, we complement each other styles, monitor and
facilitate individual and group dynamic, provide opportunity for personal and professional growth and offer
a model for meaningful role plays/interventions.

Working together on contract/negotiation (as needed)
Co-create agenda
Facilitation of program/organizational development
Development of practices/exercises
Pre-post assessment
Join pre-post meetings
Co-create/meet deliverables/outcomes

Price:free 30 minute consultation/per contract

For a consultation request go to https://dayanaramarte.com/contact/  or email me directly @ [email protected]

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