What I Offer

Dayanara Marte is an executive coach, and professional facilitator, working globally with a wide array of community based institutions, cultural and social justice organizations, executive directors, service providers and first responders.

I provide holistic assessments and trainings focused on preventative and post trauma healing to achieve extraordinary breakthrough results in personal and organizational trauma, resiliency and sustainability.

"I cannot fix any problems because you are not a problem and there is nothing to fix about you. You are whole, perfect and complete. Organizations and the people who work within them can be transformed through focusing on healing, resiliency and sustainability rather than deficit, scarcity and trauma."

Dr. Dayanara Marte

Personal & Organizational Development



Capacity Building to Provide Culturally Specific & Trauma Informed Services


Documenting Impact

More About Dr. Dayanara Marte

A nationally recognized healing trauma specialist and trainer who has created healing spaces globally.

She is available for presentations, conferences, panels, and speaking engagements, for young and adult women of color and their allies, LGBTQ community and their allies.

Contact: [email protected]

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