Personal and Organizational Healthcare

Personal and Organizational Development

  • Executive Coaching
  • One on one Counseling
  • Intra/Inter Organizational Crisis Management
  • Supervision of Social Work, Counseling and Mental Health Staff
  • Enhance the capacity to support survivors/victims of sexual assault and domestic violence


The culture of your organization is shaped by the people who work there. ~DMarte


At the Clinton Global Initiative with my sisters from another continent. The Dominican Republic, the Congo and Camaroon citizen journalist @ World Pulse doing amazing work in violence against women, disability justice and breast ironing. — with Neema Namadamu and Chi Yvonne Leina

In BOLD Rebirth (IBR) is a unique consultancy that supports people on the front lines of social change in creating organizational structures that bridge social justice and spirituality. The IBR model creates a paradigm shift towards the sustainability of organizations and movements by building the personal and collective capacity of the people who lead them.

With over 15 years of experience, IBR designs unique trainings and facilitation that lead organizations through transformational change processes – across gender and cultures – towards the healing of internalized oppression, violence and poverty. IBR is committed to people who want to take their leadership and work to the next level and align their personal and organizational practices with their mission and vision. IBR is creating a movement – not clients. Once you experience our work, you become a part of a movement that places self-healing at the core of social justice.


Personal and Organizational Health Care for the Mind, Body and SpiritWOCN-logo

  • Creating Self Care Action Plans
  • Healing from Internalized OppressionIDVAAC
  • Survivor/ Trauma Support
  • Organizational Trauma Assessment and Environmental scan
  • Organizational change and staff reflection processes 


  • SescaWorking through scarcity and personal relationship and history with money

Capacity Building to provide Culturally Specific and Trauma Informed ServicesOVW

  • Program Planning, Design, Facilitation and Training
  • Healing Circles and Alternative Healing Modalities
  • Design models to bridge Spirituality and Social Justice
  • Support Groups facilitationsistersong
  • Healing Retreats
  • Cross-cultural dialogue facilitation

Documenting Impact

  • Curriculum development
  • Model design, best practices manuals/guides
  • bwb-logo_newCommunity mapping reports
  • Program evaluation
  • Annual reports, personal, participant, donor and organizational stories,content for social media, political unity statements and manifestos

More About Dayanara Marte

Dee Marte headshotA nationally recognized healing trauma specialist and trainer who has created healing spaces globally.

She is available for presentations, conferences, panels, and speaking engagements, for young and adult women of color and their allies, LGBTQ community and their allies.

Contact: [email protected].

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