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On November 9th, 2016 women and girls in the United States’ woke up to a different world, the kind that one wakes up to after being sexually assaulted – a world forever changed.  Over a full year, millions of women and girls sat and watched a presidential election that openly talked about assaulting women’s private parts.  The process triggered millions of women’s stories of sexual assault around the globe.


For the past four years, I have watched myself, my co-workers (executive directors, activists, organizers, healers, social workers, and providers) break open, once again, memories lost in time. I witnessed the victim and survivor in them awaken depression, fear, worry, and anxiety.  In urgency, I found myself joining, leading and co-sponsoring organized national calls and convenings to give breathe and exhale to organizations and first responders organizing on the frontlines. These last years have put us on alert, we have fought hard for our agency, human rights, and our self-determination. We are tired.  Violence against women and girls, human trafficking and child abuse have risen due in part to the permission that the president’s actions gave hundreds of thousands of perpetrators to continue to assault women without apology.

For many survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, all the elections from POTUS to the Supreme Court where themselves another sexual assault experience. For women who have never experienced violence directly, the presidential election served as an initiation. In this new world, everyday women and girls of color specifically, wake up to new rules, new chains, new walls, new prison cells. And every day the most vulnerable wake up to a new level of anxiety and fear. From immigration to abortion bans, health care cuts to the cutting of funds for violence against women, indigenous and LGBT folk, the presidents’ assault on women is a new form of gaslighting, victim-blaming and emotional terrorism. These will have its own consequences on the mind, body, and spirit of women and girls for years to come.

Women are dying. People of color are dying. We are going missing and being killed in our very own homes. First responders and social justice activists are becoming targets and yet we continue to transform the world oftentimes feeling powerless in the midst of the many wars being waged on us. We do the work anyway!

  I am excited to interrupt the historical trauma that is being created today by Announcing and Launching the Womyn of Color Healing Justice Consortium. 

The CONSORTIUM is for YOU! It’s FOR US!  It is our HEALING and OUR MEDICINE. The Consortium creates spaces for survivors in leadership positions and the communities they serve to heal from the depth and breadth of the invisible, insidious ways gender-based violence has shaped and impacted their leadership without them knowing, leaving in its path both resiliency and scarcity.

The consortium is also a response to the ongoing question I get asked all the time, do you know any consultants that you trust? Consultants, that are at the intersection of healing, trauma and social justice, grounded in diverse spirituality, rooted in historical trauma, inclusive of race, class and ability, sexuality, gender identity/expression, or faith-based/religious affiliation and do cross-movement work? Consultants that most of all have done their own healing, have integrity, know how to hold space for emotional release, are accountable and are responsible for each other and their work?  Now I can say, Why yes, yes I do!

Walking by faith, not by sight
Dr. Dee

P.S.  Remember you are not alone. Please, comment. Check-in with yourself and let me know how you are feeling? How have these political times impacted you, your leadership and how you move in the world? Share how you have been able to transform trauma, fear, and powerlessness? 

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