Fall Newsletter #1 Where in the World is Dr. DEE? I have missed you.

Happy Fall Equinox, its been way too long. I even miss myself.
Unless you are on my facebook page or follow me on instagram you probably haven’t heard from me in a while.

Where have I been you ask?

1. I have been in school. Congrats to me! In August, I officially graduated from the University of Southern California, School of Social Work as Dr. Marte. Specifically, I took 2 years to condense all my 20+ years of work into an amazing dissertation titled Every Little Girl has a Story : The Impact of Gender-Based Violence on the Social, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence of Women Who Lead Social Justice and Social Service Organizations. Thank you to everyone that supported me in all the ways. I love you!

2. From Thailand to Nepal, El Salvador to Brazil, New Orleans to New York City, I have been taking Healing Justice all over the world at the intersection of reproductive justice and gender-based violence. Personal and organizational trauma support work is crucial during these political times. If you know me then you know my personal mission and vision is transforming the way we heal from violence towards a world where women and girls are liberated, awakened voices and birthing justice.

3.  BEING A Mother, daughter, wife, and grandmother….Whew! Being a Wife? Wait, what? Yes, I got married to my beautiful wife last June and well marriage like any other journey is a beast and the perfect healing space for all the incompletion of your past to show up in full effect especially when you think you have healed and are ready for the “one”.  So in the midst of school, I was also learning how to love. But re-learning intimacy and love without violence in the middle of taking care of an elderly mom and fighting to save my daughter soul from abuse has proven to be nothing but challenging.

In the past two years, my own existence and well everything I stand for has come head to head in an internal war to stop saving everyone in my family and put myself first. As a result, I have learned that ending generational violence and trauma is not just about making sure another person in your family doesn’t get abused, it’s about learning how to love the person and stay connected even when you have to let go and watch them possibly die from their own choices. Learning to be a witness and not a life savior has been my biggest lesson. Becoming a grandmother to a precious magical boy has me recommitting to the work and myself in different ways.

Letting go and letting god and knowing the difference between my limits as a human, what I can and cannot do, from when I need to step aside and let spirit handle it has saved my own soul. I didn’t know it then but these last 2 years I was becoming she who can finish a PhD while being a stand for herself, taking her family out of generational poverty and abuse all while maintaining her capacity to love another, to love herself and dream another world for her grandchild.

That is my gift to all of you this Fall season. May we transcend any human attachments we have this season that brings us fear of letting go of people, places and things that no longer serve us. May we know when we have reached our limit and capacity to save others so we can call God to do his work and get out of the way. May this fall you walk with spirit unapologetic, unstoppable and become so unrecognizable that it changes the game of this earth and your life breaking generational trauma, poverty, and oppression.

In BOLD Love,
Dr. Dee

P.S.  No one should be alone right now.  Please, reply to this message and let me know where you have been and what is the biggest challenge you are facing right now? What do you need to stand in your power this fall?

@The Power to Give Hollywood Event:  A Night of Decolonizing Wealth. Co-hosted by Edgar Villanueva author of Decolonizing Wealth and Inspired Justice co-CEO/Founder Jlove Calderon and Matt Mcgorry and the magical and funny Master of Ceremonies Dayna Lynn North. From left to right Dayanara Marte, Ella Turenne, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Favianna Rodriguez, (Left back) Richie “Reseda” Edmond Vargas, (Front center) Dayna Lynne North, (Center back )Matt Mcgorry, Edgar Villanueva, (RIght Back) Jay Ellis, Zoe Flowers and Jlove Calderon.
So honored to be featured in She Magazine USA as one of the socially conscious fashionistas of NYC. So proud of this collective group of women doing amazing things all over the U.S. From cybersecurity, BET Her, to Ending Human Trafficking this group is in the revolution and the frontlines looking good. Thank you to Jacquelyn Aluotto, founder of Real Beauty Real Women for being a stand to end violence against women and girls.

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