Living with Fullness After Trauma

Trauma & Abuse Healer Dayanara Marte: Sacred Bombshell Academy with Abiola Abrams

Dayanara Marte is a renowned activist speaker, workshop leader, healer, and empowerment maven in healing trauma and abuse. The founder of In Bold ReBirth will be speaking on living with fullness no matter what you’ve been through, the 6th principle and chapter in “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.” I met Dayanara years ago at Casa Attabex Ache, her safe space for women in the Bronx. I was honored to present a workshop in her space.

Questions posed on the topic:
(We’ll see what Dayanara has to say!)

How can I begin to process what has happened to me?
What if shame and blame are holding me back?
Is joy possible for everyone?
What’s the best way to go through tough times?
What is happiness?
What does it really mean to live life to the fullest?
What do you do when you feel sad or anxious?
Why are their still so many stigmas around dealing with trauma?
How can I love myself if I have been through terrible things?
What’s something I can do today to feel passion, pleasure, joy, fun, and/or happiness?

Youtube Channel Sacred Bombshell Academy with Abiola Abrams talk about Living with Fullness after Trauma



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