Can you say PUBLISHED!

First. a special Congrats to me and to all the people breaking glass ceilings especially people of color all around the world. 

I am so pleased to inform you that my article  “More Training is Not the Answer for Survivors” A Healing Justice Framework for Women of Color Survivors of Gender-based Violence in Leadership has been published in the special issue of Genealogies of Healing and is available online for FREE

PDF Version

Full Text of the whole Journal and to read all the other BIPOC contributions to healing please go to

It’s taken more than a year to give birth to this manuscript and I couldn't have done it without the courageous folks who shared their story for this article as well as all the powerful people that have healed with me, made space for me to heal and have taken on healing themselves, the world, their families and their communities. Thank you for being unapologetic in sharing your stories and screaming them from broken windows, organizations, and streets all over the world. 

A special thank you to my sister Dr. Anna Ortega who never left my side and sat with me for hours editing and editing to birth this baby. 

To my Professor, Renee Smith Maddox, thank you for being a reflection of what's possible and believing in me. You walked me through each line of the feedback so I didn't give up. 

 Thank you to all the Sister Scholars that cheered me on. No scholar left behind! 

This was truly a collective effort and I am in deep gratitude to my tribe, my community, my friends, and my family who gave me the space to write and work at the expense of not being with them. 

I dedicate this article to all my comrades' on  the frontlines victims and survivors all over the world fighting injustice, uprising, healing, advocating, and ending gender-based violence at the intersections with me.

Thank you for the continuous unconditional love and support

In BOLD Love and Revolution, 

Dr. Dee

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