Get Out Of Your Own Way: Spiritual Empowerment

Get out of your own way in 2017. I am so honored to have spoke at this amazing event just in time for the new year. In case you missed it and want to learn how to get of your own way this year listen below.

For victims and survivors of violence learning how to get out of our own way very important on the healing journey and one of the most difficult tasks. Let me share with you 5 takeaways that I got for myself that I will take on in practice this 2017.

1. Spirituality is ever evolving.
2. Spirituality is a personal journey.
3. Spirituality is about creating change.
4. The cost of capitalism, violence and oppression is our spirituality.
5. Spirituality is everything we do to become more than our stories and heal from our past.

To hear more click on the link below and listen for yourself. Join me as I get out of my own way and say yes to more opportunities like this year.

Get Out of Your Own Way in 2017: Spiritual Empowerment with our expert Panel Abiola Abrams, Tera Carissa Hodges, Dayanara Marte and host Lilada Gee.

Get Out of Your Own Way: Spiritual Empowerment



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