Indo-Caribbean Women’s Empowerment Summit

Featuring social justice leaders: Piper Anderson, President of Create Forward; Dr. Dayanara Marte, Founder of In Bold Rebirth; Rusia Mohiuddin, Principal of Universal Partnership; and Tanuja Jagernauth, Indo-Caribbean Theater Artist, Organizer, and Healing Justice Practitioner. It is moderated by Simone Jhingoor, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Jahajee Sisters.

Dr. Marte spoke at the Indo-Caribbean Women’s Empowerment Summit, "Building Our Future: Love & Solidarity as the Pathway to Justice."

This plenary discusses what healing justice (HJ) and transformative justice (TJ) are by exploring their roots — their historical and cultural lineages — and understanding what the work needs to look like in the context of a global pandemic and an Uprising for Black Lives.

  • What does it mean to not just talk about HJ and TJ, but to actually live and practice it?
  • What are the tools we need to support our communities to heal and create community-based solutions to violence?

Creating safe spaces and understanding intersectionality are essential for promoting justice, healing, and accountability. Everyone should have the chance to have their stories heard, and accountability should be seen as a form of healing. Justice and healing needs to be an embodied practice in order to maintain accountability and ensure that everyone feels safe and respected. Through acknowledging everyone's stories and focusing on healing as well as technical or strategic plans, justice and accountability can be more effectively achieved.

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