Womyn’s Her-story Month

So in 2020, I did a thing or two.

I’m Going to honor those successes here during women’s history month. 

Did you know a year ago I dreamt of creating a consulting team that would work together in a one-stop shop for all your healing needs? WHL. 

Today, I am launching the World Healing Lab (WHL). 

For over 25 years I have worked behind the scenes coaching leaders to create healing spaces within themselves, their homes & relationships, and the organizations they lead and work for. As a healer and healing justice consultant I have created the WHL to support women & girls and LGBT folk of color on the front lines move from trauma, scarcity, and deficit to healing, resiliency, and sustainability. 

For the past year, I have been working with an amazing team of 10 consultants and healers to create healing spaces globally. Spaces that bridge spirituality and social justice so we are not healing in absence of our culture. Spaces that ground personal stories in political climates so we are not blaming ourselves or each other for the violence in the world. Spaces to heal in community and to heal with accountability. 

I want to acknowledge them for creating some beautiful and impactful projects in 2020 in spite of and despite COVID. 

In 2020 we, 

  • Piloted our healing justice model in two national organizations.
  • Launched the Healing Justice Consortium on Facebook
  • Organized our first WHL train the trainer training for consultants and founding members. 
  • Provided executive coaching, COVID relief, crisis support, and healing to over 5000 healers, artivists, creatives, entrepreneurs, organizers, activists, and leaders.
  • Collaborated with foundations to bring much-needed technical assistance and capacity to over 100 organizations on the frontlines, first responders, and essential workers. 

On March 27, 2020, two weeks after lockdown we offered, hosted, and organized our first Virtual Self Healing Retreat that over 900 people attend. In a couple of weeks, it will be the anniversary of COVID and the World Healing Lab will do it again! Stay tuned!

I’ll post updates here but make sure you follow us @worldhealinglab on instagram 

Stay connected to Dr. Dee @dr_dayanaramarte
For more info go to www.dayanaramarte.com 

We light candles, pour libations, and invoke our ancestors to guide us and lead the way. Dr. Dayanara Marte & the Collective @The World Healing Lab

P.S  Please respond to this email and share with us one thing you would like to be acknowledged for that you did in 2020? 

About the World Healing Lab & Dr. Marte

Dr. Dayanara Marte is devoted to helping women and girls and LGBT folks of color effectively lead organizations, institutions, and non-profits throughout the world. The international institution is a team of expert consultants and healers dedicated to transformation, healing, and recovery from trauma, scarcity, and deficit to healing, resiliency, and sustainability. To learn more or to get involved, visit dayanaramarte.com. Follow us on Instagram @worldhealinglab.

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