Tis the Season of Healing and Dreams Come True!

How many times over the past year did you think to yourself, when the pandemic is over I will?

Over the past two years, I have coached over 200 people from executive directors to organizers and other healers and social workers mental health providers, and advocates, and the question they asked me was the same.

What am I going to do with myself now?

I use to do this…

Before this pandemic I was…

When I got that question I use to breathe and so wished that  I had the answers but I didn’t.

I know for me the pandemic required that I be something new and become someone new every day. It required me to try something new every hour and every moment of the day was a choice to pick out what I thought was the best practice and survival skills to get me through. 

At the beginning, of this pandemic, I put so many things on hold. Like many of you, I thought to myself when this is over I will resume. I will resume my ways, my patterns, and my dreams.

But as time went on and the pandemic got worse and the lockdown came harder, so many times I broke down thinking this is too much to endure. I couldn’t conceive of me doing any different than what   I was used to doing. I was holding on for dear life to what was. But the pandemic was requiring me to reinvent myself. To remember dreams I had forgotten. To do things I had talked myself out of.

I had to become someone I had not yet met or knew. Someone who could prosper in the loss and grief of it all.

Some who could prosper in a pandemic.Someone who can still be her best in betrayal. Someone who can still be blessed even if it meant starting over. I had to become a new person who not only survived the pandemic but could prosper in the midst of it.

Once I did that for myself, when a client called trying to find answers, I could say that the only way through this pandemic is to stop fighting and start dreaming.  Together, we put things in place to let go of the routines they couldn’t do anymore. To grieve the loss of people places and things, autonomy, safety, belonging, trust, and sovereignty. 

We put practices in place to deal with the uncomfortable of it all.  We took time to heal about letting go of what used to be. Finally, we worked together on taking our personal gifts off hold and re-dreaming.

Welcome to the dream I had put on hold. Our very own healing center and retreat space!

Seasons Healing

Dr. Dee

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