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Healing Forward: The Way to Remembering Who We Are! 


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The Healing Justice All Access Pass Is The #1 Online Resource To Support You TODAY So You Can Build Personal & Organizational Sustainability TOMORROW. 

This is an extremely hard time for women of color, LGBT and Black, Latinx, Indigenous and API POC first responders on the frontlines leading social justice and social service organizations.

Leaders are holding what is happening in the world and what it will mean for their personal lives and families, for their staff and the communities they serve, who are needing services at alarming rates more than ever.

Their identities are being torn apart and this current crisis and political times is making really hard for them to choose what battle to fight.

Throughout my journey in the field and on the ground I have learned that this time is no different than all the other crisis that our communities where going through pre-corona and that will remain post-COVID-19. 

These extraordinary facilitators are answering the call to action and filling in the gap where our government has failed us, reminding us of who we are and what we have already survived.  We are committed to bring you an intersectional and multi-prong approach, to personal and organizational sustainability, (the individual, collective and organization system).

Noting that a majority of the employees leading and working on the frontlines of violence against women, gender-based violence and other mental and reproductive health organizations and institutions are people of color, we have created a day of healing with nothing but the best, healing justice best practices to address the the fact that survivors are workers and leaders and their personal trauma is being compounded with this current crisis and need all the support and care right now more than ever. 

Each of these facilitators normally charge consulting rates from [$90-350] an hour. We say this not to impress you, but to show you the value of what they will share with you..

And they are ready to help you move forward on your self-healing journey. 

Let them hold you and bring you to the other side of yourself, they who know exactly what to do in times like this. 

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The Facilitators You’ll Soon Be Learning From With The Healing Justice Summit
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10+ Expert Masterclass Presentations

The Power of Coaching: Understanding Trauma in the Time of Corona and Beyond

Dr. Dayanara Marte , MPH, DSW

Personal trauma breeds organizational trauma. If there is anything we know, is that manmade and natural disasters/pandemics exacerbate trauma and violence in our communities impacting the way we love, live and lead sometimes without us knowing.Now more than ever leaders and staff within organizations and institutions will need health and wellness, trauma support and crisis care.  

 The challenge is that no one sees leaders, frontline workers and first responders as victims or survivors, so where do we go for support?

Body Awareness Journaling

Piper Anderson

Attuning to the needs of your body with mindfulness practice called body scanning and journaling. The more you practice the more opportunity you will have to access aliveness and deeper connection to support our body’s healing process.

Breathing Space: Supporting Healthy Advocates

Zoe Flowers

Survivors and advocates alike need time to breathe, relax and reorient themselves with their authentic self. Slowing down is important for them  to reconnect to their strength, creativity, and spirit.

Food, Bodies + Liberation: Pandemic Edition

Syd Yang 

How might you find more balance (and even liberation) within your practices of survival?


Myriam Laureano 

FAITH & FEAR from an integral perspective of body/mind/spirit.  As people of color with traumatic histories and rich cultures; What faith do we bring to the table? 

A​rtivism Heals Live Concert

Monica Raye Simpson

Hosting an intimate conversation, live performance about the healing power that music has in our personal lives and the ability to shape leadership.

Ritual As Empowerment-Accessing Joy & Healing

Seyi Adebanjo

Tap into ancestral wisdom and ritual from West African Òrìṣà practices as guidance and path to empowerment. What does Òrìṣà have to say about illness, joy and creating the world we want to live in?

We Are The Ones We Have been waiting For

Vanessa Tricoche, BA, CLC, CYT, CHHC, MSW graduate student

A journey into the Power of Self Care And Peace and an invocation of what is your mission in this moment at this time?

Healing with Accountability Podcast: Conversation about Dealing with Trauma Anniversaries  during a Pandemic 

Erika Ayodele Dixon

A Conversation a year after an assault in the middle of a pandemic and a celebration of victories over our past.

What If I Can’t Make It To All Expert Masterclass Sessions At Once?

We are getting inundated with information right now as everything is going virtual. On top of that we are in fear, have anxiety and swing from WTF to everything is going to be okay!  And we totally understand...

Healing takes time, teaching our bodies and mind new ways of being, takes a life time of practices. What we are offering in sharing self -healing tools is transformation. 

So, just attending and hearing us once is just going to offer some respite, some exhale. 

That is why the Healing Justice Summit All Access Pass, it's like having the best facilitators on call  whenever you need them. 

You can watch, study and practice these powerful and actionable masterclass sessions more in-depth, at anytime, from anywhere! You can bring them to your family and your organization over time. 

Altogether — we’re talking about $1,997 in Healing Expert Masterclass Sessions And Exclusive Limited Time Bonuses When You Upgrade To the All Access Pass Today: 

So Why Should You Make Your Healing a Priority Your #1 Focus Right Now

But Don’t Take My Word For It…

Here's what two of your facilitators have to say about the importance of healing...


How is your body remembering ways to love itself?

A key component of healing is learning how to navigate  personal survival modes in this time.  With every shifting normals of life , especially under a pandemic we need to be in inquiry about how to  find more balance (and even liberation) within your practices of survival? 

Syd Yang //  @bluejaguarlove

Where attention goes energy flow!  

The more attention we bring to the sensations within our bodies with curiosity and self-acceptance the more we are empowered to lead our own healing process.

Piper Anderson  //  @piperanderson

When You Upgrade To the Healing Justice Virtual Summit All Access Pass During This Special Limited Time Period, You’ll Get:


($1,997 Value)

You will get lifetime access to in-depth expert video sessions (15+ hours) with healing justice experts in the field. Watch each masterclass from the comfort of your own home and implement the practices in your organization, family and personal life at your own pace. 


($150 Value)

Want to learn on the go? We took each of the  expert video sessions, and turned them into audio versions in downloadable MP3 format for your convenience (15+ hours of healing practices), so you can download them on your phone, iPod, iPad or computer and listen to them whenever you want – on your commute, in the car, at the gym, on the go — anytime, anywhere. With this resource, you’ve got no excuses to miss out on transformation. 

MEMBERS-ONLY VIP Q&A WITH Dr. Dee and the team

($250 Value)

A post-event Q&A together with your hosts, Dr. Dee and the team. Ask any questions you have about the expert sessions or personal and organizational challenges you are having right now. You will also get to speak to each facilitator by taking advantage of special offerings they will each provide. 

Get Access To Over 10+ Self healing Masterclass Sessions Plus Exclusive Bonuses… For Only $397 $ 97

This Exclusive event is designed to support you through this time and beyond. 

Proven, Healing Justice Mentors at your finger tips!

With the All Access Pass, it’ll be like having 10 facilitators in your hand, constantly ready to help you out with their best advice.

Don’t waste precious time and money on trial and error! These experts have already been where you are now and have figured out what works best right now.

Reduce Overwhelm and Burnout

It’s a fact – most social service and social justice organizations are struggling with overwhelm. There’s too many sources of information, and how are you supposed to know who to trust?

You don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, and time on self-proclaimed gurus without actual real-life experience or results. That’s why I’ve gathered this hand-picked lineup of experts in one place, sharing clear strategies that work today. 

No fluff! Our expert mentors will tell you how you can heal and lead during any crisis and get to the other-side whole, perfect and complete!  

​A Quick Recap



Exclusive priority access to all facilitators masterclass sessions, cliff notes, downloadable audio, bonus deals and much more...

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get:

  • Lifetime on-demand access to all 10+ in-depth expert video sessions ($1,997 Value)
  • Audio MP3 recordings of each session for listening on the go
  • Exclusive invite to post-event VIP Q&A with summit hosts, Dr. Dee and the team. Ask us anything you want in regards to your  challenges and questions you have about our workshop, and we'll help highlight key points and important implementation ideas ($250 Value)
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Get Access To Over 10+  Masterclass Sessions Plus Exclusive Bonuses… For Only $397 $ 97

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Dr. Dee (Dayanara Marte)

Founder of the World Healing Lab, The People of Color Healing Justice Consortium and the Healing Justice Institute @ the Intersection of Gender-Based Violence and Reproductive Justice. She is an executive coach, upcoming author, healer and speaker.

My mission is to creating healing justice spaces for people who want to take their leadership and social justice work to the next level aligning their personal practices with their organizational mission and vision, towards a world free from violence where people of color can be experts of their own lives.

Personal trauma breeds organizational trauma. If we don't do the necessary healing and recovery work then we will surely replicate the same violence in our lives, families, organizations, movements and the world. 

Get Access To Over 10+  Masterclass Sessions Plus Exclusive Bonuses… For Only $397 $ 97

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