A New Spiritual Contract

Join me in mindful liberation practices that will free up your mental, emotional and spiritual health from trauma, violence, and oppression. Align your  activism, organizing and personal life with the future you deserve by starting your day asking your ancestors to lead. Take another few minutes a day to be in silence, prayer, invocation and declaration of your worth. Affirm who you are despite what life has thrown your way.  Gather all your spiritual tools to continue to show up and be in rebellion-taking back your self-determination, reclaiming your agency, dignity and sovereignty. 

Do you have access to your passion and creativity? 

This time is calling for our faith has to be intersectional. To be grounded in our humanity, dignity and sovereignty.  A New Spiritual Contract is more than a meditation, it is a call to action that will require you to make a spiritual contract with yourself to break free from guilt, self- blame, addiction, depression and fear and reclaim your body from the disease of oppression.   A New Spiritual Contact is more than a meditation, it is a call to action, A call to action that will require you to make a spiritual contract with your ancestors so they can lead a new world and another you. 


Join me in mindful meditation practices that will liberate your mental emotional and spiritual health from trauma and violence. As you grow spiritually, let the weight of the world fall off your shoulders and heart. Invite your ancestors to speak through you as you become the person the future needs. 

Are you wondering if what you are doing right now is in service to your divine purpose?

Is your quality of life in alignment with your most unapologetic and unstoppable self?

Is your life reflective of what you stand for?

Is your body sustaining you? Is your mind resting?

Here’s what people are saying about Dr. Dee:

Dr. Dee works invites you to come home and learn the ways of your grandmother. You are safe!

Stephanie Syd Yang

Blue Jaguar Healing Arts

Senior Donor Advisor Movement Voter Project.

Whisper, Wisdom , Words

The wisdom of the ancestors and the whispers of the Goddess flows through her words, her heart & her breath. By pulling out the threads of both the dark & the light within the world and in her own self. Dee weaves a blanket for others, that wraps us each of us up in a chrysalis of transformative grace.

Santana Deberry

District Attorney of Durham, NC

Creating Dreams

Dayanara demanded that I demand more of myself and the people I allow into my life. She helped me create dreams where none had lived before.  

Monica Raye Simpson

Executive Director of Sistersong

In the Mist of a Pandemic

Dr. Dee's guidance during my sabbatical while  in the middle of a pandemic was something I didn't know I needed. Especially, when I wanted to leave my sabbatical she reminded me that my sabbatical was non-negotiable. That is was one of the most revolutionary things I will do as a leader.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn!

In her meditation series, Dr. Dee will take you through a seasonal journey of the death and rebirth of the self aligning your spirit to your mission in the world, so that you can transform the way you love, live and lead. I believe that you were born powerful and courageous, brave, deserving, worthy and enough. There was nothing in this world you couldn’t do. You dared to dream, to laugh, to play and love and then something happened…

 In the 6-part Meditation Journey, Dr. Dee will guide you on a spiritual self-healing journey to enjoy the transformative benefits of meditation in an easy and inspiring way. Each meditation focuses on a unique theme, offering deep wisdom and insight to yourself while opening the heart so you can tap into the expert that you are.

Dr. Dee created this healing justice meditation series so you can have a choice on your journey. There are a couple of ways you can embark on it. You can take each mediation as in an invitation, a possibility, or an opportunity. A way to access another world and meet yourself there.


This meditation is like no other. It is designed to either start you on a journey of self-healing or support you to get to the other side of the one you are on.

Self-healing is the radical concept that a person who embarks on a journey of evolving self-awareness can interrupt and counter the effects caused by trauma, oppression, historical violence, neglect, and poverty.

In the safe space of your hearts center, you break through the other side of self-blame and tap into the magic that was you before the violence.  

Journey of Choice

Remember, no matter what you choose, each mediation stands alone, and you can replay it as many times as you need. My hope is that you make them a part of your ritual at home and at work.

You can go through the meditation in order as an opportunity that will help your heart mirror the things you need to reflect on.

You can create a possibility of giving yourself permission to look at the past with the intention of healing and completing with it. 

You can pick your meditation with intention about what you want to heal from what you want to look at more closely in your life, let go of it and give it to your ancestors.

A New Spiritual Contract

Dr. Dee invites you to sign your new spiritual contract. Learn traditional and spiritual practices that connect you to yourself. Through prayer, invocations and declarations you call on those you love who have passed for guidance and protection. You invoke your ancestors and their medicines to liberate you from the fear, anxiety, sadness, worry and pain. Activate your spirit to restore your power, your strength, courage and ability to love on the days you feel like giving up. Write your own prayers and declarations and take them with you wherever you go. Know you are not alone.

Through self-inquiry questions you will also be able to access your inner child and do the necessary work to heal, release, forgive and free them from all the trauma, violence and pain that has broken their heart.

A Special Message From the Author

Join us in a healing justice meditation series towards the birth of another world, another you! Re-learn unconditional love, trust and acceptance, the way a child does. Call on your ancestors to guide you to find balance and justice within yourself.  Take a breath and put your hands in your heart and declare that you will take on your healing and journey to the other side of this pandemic whole perfect and complete. Let’s plant the seed of justice this season and declare that, as it grows, humanity will find the necessary balance within to create another world filled with love and compassion. That you will see your own humanity and find the love you need to create another world for yourself.

Blessings and Ache’

~Dr. Dee

Who is this for?

 A New Spiritual Contract is a seasonal self-healing mediation series specifically for women and girls, LGBT folk, and people of color on the frontlines of social justice and first responders and essential workers in social service organizations and their allies. May you know that you are worthy, enough, belonging, creative, and powerful. May you never walk alone!

I invite you to walk with me if you are curious about bridging spirituality and community organizing, faith, and social justice and want to bring mindfulness, health, and wellness into your work and your community. If you feel exhausted, can't think anymore, need clarity and need to ground your energy in something bigger than yourself to keep going.

Let the Journey Towards Self-Healing Begin with the Smallest Steps Today.