Special Fall 2017 Coaching Packages: Transforming the way you LOVE, LIVE and LEAD!


Every Little Girl Seasonal Healing and Transformational Leadership Coaching Packages 
 Transforming the way we live, love and lead.

Every Little Girl Coaching Package for organizational and personal leadership will take participants through a seasonal healing journey of death and rebirth of themselves so that they can lead their lives from a place of power and not from an unhealed past. I believe that you where born powerful and courageous, brave, deserving, worthy and belonging and then something happened. Something happened that shaped who you are today in all its resiliency and trauma. In our sessions we will explore the impact that violence (domestic, intimate partner, sexual assault, rape, molestation, child sexual abuse, incest, war, poverty, neglect, and institutional violence) has had on your mind, body and spirit and how it has shaped the way you lead your personal and
organizational life. Together, we will create practices towards a paradigm shift of your spirit by building your personal and collective capacity to lead your life and create the world you want to live in.

Spiritual Healing adds a unique dimension to my work towards the

  • Completion of core beliefs of self that limit your thinking
  • Revelation of untold stories and trauma to get to the root
  • Identification of patterns that contradict your future self
  • Ritualizing practices to support you in manifesting
  • Reclaiming cultural ways of leading and being a leader

The focus of my coaching is on the desired outcome and impact you want to have in the world, in your life
and family right now and in the future. Therefore, all our coaching conversation will take place in the
present and what habits, practices and behaviors you are doing that can impact your future.

We will focus on where you are in the moment, how you got there and what is stopping you from having what you say you want? Tell me what you are producing and I will tell you what you are committed to.

With your desired outcomes clear, we will create possibilities and a game plan on how to get from where you are and where you want to be. We will set up accountability practices that will support you in knowing if your actions and ways of being are in
alignment with what you want to produce in the world, your mission and values as well as your happiness and wellbeing and follow through with what you say you are committed to. Grounding our coaching in reality is an important tool to move
beyond fear and resistance.

You are the expert of your life and the journey of deep discovery you will go on with me will support you in distinguishing your own truth from those you have internalized due to trauma, violence and oppression. All I do is hold space and stand by you. I am a witness and a container & I listen for what you are not saying and say what you need to hear; you are worthy, it was not your fault, you are enough, you are loved, you belong, you did not deserve it, and you are whole, perfect and complete.

Something’s you will become present to in our sessions and come into your own awareness are
• What is possible and impossible for you to create given what you believe about yourself and what
you are currently doing?
• What about who you are being and doing would need to shift in order for you to have the
relationships and life you truly want?
• What is the story, the personal, historical and intergenerational context within which you are
operating from and who created it, your little girl, your adolescent self or the young adult in you?
• What are your beliefs, judgments, assumptions and expectations and what are they costing you?
• What is at stake and what is your probable future if you continue to let trauma and the past lead

Coaching Packages for Organizational and Personal Leadership

For a consultation request go to http://dayanaramarte.com/contact/ 

1. Seasonal Personalized package: Three months of coaching (Fall, Winter, Spring and
Summer) 10 hours for 3 months each season

• Crisis/Need to talk calls
• Individually designed calls – Online live or phone
• Goal Setting/Evaluation Process-Creation of the future self (2hrs)
• Quarterly Assessment of all areas (2hrs)
• Unlimited email and text access
• Complimentary Copy of In BOLD Rebirth Seasonal Newsletter
• (BONUS) Transition of Seasons Celebration and Re-Evaluation
• Weekly accountability updates to be sent by email or text
• Join face book private group
• First to know about upcoming Mastermind groups, webinars, retreats or other events for
clients/members only
• Get quick results with transformative assignments and practices
• Access to books and materials as requested.

Price: free 30 minute consultation/TBD based on what is created!

2. VIP Deep Immersion Retreat
Is a deep discovery process that dives into the root of your story to un cover the pieces of your life
that have had the most impact on you today, have shaped who you are in the world, what you think
you deserve, what you are worth and what you have the ability to manifest. We will unpack your
dreams and create a game plan for your life. We will look at what area of your life do you want
freedom in? Who your spirit is longing to be? What goals do you want to meet that will bring you
joy and closer to what you most care about? Most importantly, we will identify what is at stake and
what is it costing you, your joy, aliveness, love, health, wealth?
In a safe space we will practice techniques in emotional release to support any healing your mind,
body and spirt may need to let go of trauma so that you can meet all of yourselves with love and

Face to face heal and transformation retreat ( 4 hours)
1 month unlimited follow up email / text
As needed check in calls (at least 2)
Personalized rituals, advanced spiritual practices and additional time (add’t cost)

Price: free 30 minute consultation/TBD based on what is created!

3. Train the Trainer/Heal the Healer
My innovative approach, combined with healing and spirituality has proved consistently effective in
supporting executive directors, facilitators, healers, advocates, organizers, coaches, social workers and
people on the frontlines of social justice in how they show up in their organizational and leadership
development roles. I support you in building the capacity of your most valuable asset – yourself – so you
can have the spiritual capacity and professional confidence to meet the personal and leadership demands
of this changing world and the people in your life. My aim is to be an indispensable thinking partner you can
trust to support you in having the impact you want to have in the world.
Price: per budget

Support with
Facilitation skills/practices
Review assessment and evaluation materials
Program/coaching/training/retreat development
Co-create materials and agenda
Review contracts/agenda
Negotiating worth
Consulting as needed
Supervision, staff development  & On-boarding
Leadership capacity building

Price: free 30 minute consultation/TBD based on what is created!

4. Co-facilitation
Working with a colleague, as a co-facilitator is part of the collaborative contribution I want to have in the
world. Co-facilitating provides an opportunity for greater impact, personal and professional development,
shared leadership and meaningful exchange. Together, we complement each other styles, monitor and
facilitate individual and group dynamic, provide opportunity for personal and professional growth and offer
a model for meaningful role plays/interventions.

Working together on contract/negotiation (as needed)
Co-create agenda
Facilitation of program/organizational development
Development of practices/exercises
Pre-post assessment
Join pre-post meetings
Co-create/meet deliverables/outcomes

Price:free 30 minute consultation/per contract

For a consultation request go to http://dayanaramarte.com/contact/  or email me directly @ inboldrebirth@gmail.com.

A Conversation about Healing our Little Girls

With over 1,000 views, I am excited to share with you all an end of the yer conversation about healing our little girls so she can dream 2017 in her most powerful way

In Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic with Lilada Gee, founder of Lilada’s Living Room– a not for profit organization committed to creating a safe space for girls and women to heal from the devasation of sexual abuse.

Here our conversation in my living room in Puerto Plata about healing our little girls. #blackwomanheal


In Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic with Dayanara Marte talking about healing our little girls. #blackwomanheal

Posted by Lilada Gee on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Statement in Solidarity with the Global Women’s March 2017

As women from all over the world prepare to gather and march on Jan 20th, global healers are also preparing to hold the rim of the circle for them. In BOLD Rebirth is organizing a global call to send them off in prayer, invoking them in light and protection and making sure that our ancestors lead the march.

We have always know that the battle against humanity is also a spiritual war. The cost of capitalism and violence against women and girls and the LGBT community and black folk is their power, their aliveness, their creativity and in essence their SPIRIT.

As women, young girls, and communities all over the world prepare to March on Jan 21st, it is imperative that they prepare not just for their physical safety but their spiritual safety as well. We need healing spaces. We are creating a safe space for those of us unable to attend marchs (because of work, mental health, accessibility or other needs) to join the call. We are ALL in this together. We need those attending to know that they are not alone. That we are watching, we are witnessing, we are holding them, containing, praying, conjuring, burning candles, and doing rituals for their safety mind, body and spirit.

THIS IS A GLOBAL CALL TO ACTION for HEALERS all over the WORLD,hosted by Stephanie Syd Yang and Dayanara Marte and you our partners this Friday, Jan 20th, 9am PST, 10am MST, 11am, CST and 12pm EST to prepare ourselves spirituality and conjure what we want to be inaugurating this weekend and for the next four years.

Pre-election and post-inauguration and everyday and moment in between women and women of color specifically have been holding their breathe and their bodies as they have experienced violence on all fronts, mind, body and spirit. And they will March anyway, survivors and victims.

As always women once again will put their bodies and spirits on the line and they will need the support of something so much bigger than them…their spirituality! We will let them know that with all their failed attempts our spirit are still here and more powerful than ever.

Join us to
1. Call in your ancestors, who do you want to march with you this weekend?
2. Vision what you want to inaugurate this weekend in your life and for the world and for the work you are doing?
3. Invoke spiritual warriors and freedom fighters that we want to lead this march and have our sides, back , front, and who we want above and below?
4. Create a spiritual safety plan and medicine bag? What do you need to take with you?

Here is what you can and should do this week to prepare yourself, your organization, your constituency and the people going with you. ATTEND the call this FRIDAY, Jan 20th from 12:00-1:00pm EST, Spiritual Warrior: Inauguration Send Off. We will host a global conference call to prepare individually and spiritually for the March, talk about the impact that Marching may have on you during the event and what you can do, gather some resources and talk about next steps after the march is over.

Stay tuned for more details on our post-March debrief call, happening a few days after the March.This will also be a safe space to heal, release and share.

What makes moments like this historical is not just the change that transpires in the world but the power that women have to unite their spiritual energies and create visible magic at a point in time when they are the most invisible and when their spirituality is what capitalism fears the most.

HEALERS gather as a call to action from their ancestors on this day. We are making a call to the healers of this world to prepare us spiritually to march and gives us our cultural tools of resistance against any violence that may occur on January 21st . We arm our communities with the spiritual tools of our ancestors because it is our human right.

Spiritual Warriors United
Dayanara Marte and Stephanie Syd Yang

For those who were unable to join the call, the following is the recording.

Listen in to join the prayers, meditations, centering practices and gifts from a variety of powerful healers: Dayanara Marte, Zoe Flowers, Guadalupe Rocio Chavez, Jessica Robinson, Stephanie Syd Yang


Global call to Prayer: Spiritual Warriors United

On Friday, Jan 20, 2017 — many gathered on a Global prayer call hosted by myself Dayanara Marte  and Stephanie Syd Yang , to invoke protection, connection + our ancestors as we headed into a powerful weekend of protests and Marches to stand up for the rights of all those being erased and attacked by the new government administration.

For those who were unable to join the call, the following is the recording.

Listen in to join the prayers, meditations, centering practices and gifts from a variety of powerful healers: Dayanara Marte, Zoe Flowers, Guadalupe Rocio Chavez, Jessica Robinson, Stephanie Syd Yang

with much love + respect,

Spiritual Warriors Unite – Prayer + Invocation Call


Get Out Of Your Own Way: Spiritual Empowerment

Get out of your own way in 2017. I am so honored to have spoke at this amazing event just in time for the new year. In case you missed it and want to learn how to get of your own way this year listen below.

For victims and survivors of violence learning how to get out of our own way very important on the healing journey and one of the most difficult tasks. Let me share with you 5 takeaways that I got for myself that I will take on in practice this 2017.

1. Spirituality is ever evolving.
2. Spirituality is a personal journey.
3. Spirituality is about creating change.
4. The cost of capitalism, violence and oppression is our spirituality.
5. Spirituality is everything we do to become more than our stories and heal from our past.

To hear more click on the link below and listen for yourself. Join me as I get out of my own way and say yes to more opportunities like this year.

Get Out of Your Own Way in 2017: Spiritual Empowerment with our expert Panel Abiola Abrams, Tera Carissa Hodges, Dayanara Marte and host Lilada Gee.

Get Out of Your Own Way: Spiritual Empowerment



National Call for Women of Color in Leadership

SAVE the DATE March 7th, 2017  7pm-8:30pm EST
Join your host Dayanara Marte  and Zoe Flowers, Tuesday, March 7th from 7pm-8:30pm EST.
2nd National Call for women of color in leadership for a moment of debrief and exhale from a
Inspired by our first call… with over 80 registrants on Feb 7th, women of color from all over the US got together to exhale, to share, to hear and to see each other in a world deeming them invisible. With such an amazing energy, there was no way we could walk away without thinking about what’s next and how we can stay connected over the next couple of months. The need for women of color to convene and share resources and energy is needed now more than ever.
Our first call was dedicated to a state of emergency that the new administration has created in our nation and specifically in the lives of people of color all around the world. This call is dedicated to the STATE of WTF…from immigration raids to victims of domestic violence being deported, families torn apart, and still the impending cuts on well everything, fear still creeps into our beds at night and wakes us up in the morning as we do not know what our communities will be facing the next day.
Are you an executive director, a service provider, activist, organizer, advocate, healer, consultant, social worker ? Are you a women of color in a position of leadership serving immigrants, women and girls, incarcerated and LGBT and are feeling the impact by the political climate? Are you being impacted by the possible cuts in Obama Care, Violence against Women Act? Are you fearful for yourself, family and community because of the immigration raids and the ban on immigrants? Are you a refugee, immigrant, sexual assault and war survivor being triggered by what’s happening?
SAVE the DATE March 7th, 2017  7pm-8:30pm EST. Register today @​http://bit.ly/2mvHLpX  For More info please contact inboldrebirth@gmail or zoebahna@gmail.com
 Tuesday, Feb 7th, 2017
2pm-3:30pm EST


Join your host Dayanara Marte   and Zoe Flowers in collaboration with Black Women’s Blueprint  and Women of Color Network, Inc. National call for women of color in leadership for a moment of debrief and exhale.

Are you an executive director, a service provider, activist, organizer, advocate, healer, consultant, social worker ? Areyou a women of color in a position of leadership serving immigrants, women and girls, incarcerated and LGBT and are feeling the impact by the political climate? Are you being impacted by the possible cuts in Obama Care, Violence against Women Act and the ban on immigrants? Are you a refugee, immigrant, sexual assault and war survivor being triggered by what’s happening?
Then Save your Spot & REGISTER TODAY at http://bit.ly/2jBXjHO
Join us from where ever you are Tuesday, Feb 7th, 2017. Take your lunch, listen on the bus, make it a staff meeting or family affair from your house but don’t miss it.
In BOLD Rebirth


SAN-DIEGO June 6-10th Dealing with Vicarious Trauma


Dayanara will be sharing her knowledge with participants at the upcoming 2016 Enhancing Capacity Seminar presented by The National Organization of Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault (SCESA) in partnership with the U. S. Department of Justice – Office on Violence Against Women.

The Enhancing Capacity Seminar, “Culturally Specific Services Addressing Sexual Assault”, will be held Monday, June 6th – Friday, June 10th, 2016 in San Diego, California. The purpose of the Enhancing Capacity Seminar on “Culturally Specific Services Addressing Sexual Assault” is to enhance the capacity of Communities of Color organizations to provide culturally specific services addressing sexual assault. The Capacity Seminar will provide intensive skills based training and information on how to engage in culturally specific program planning and implementation strategies (particularly services and outreach) that reflect the occurrence and complexity of sexual assault in Communities of Color.

Dayanara will facilitate Dealing with Vicarious Trauma –  She will explore secondary trauma of advocates as well as self-care methods and resources. 

SheLeadsRadio: Rebirth, Resilient, Resound

Listen to me talk about In BOLD Rebirth on She Leads Radio with Piper Anderson
she leads radio
Piper Anderson

TOPIC: Rebirth, Resilient, Resound!  Our stories have the power to heal and incite social change. I share the mic with  Artistic Creators of Coming Out Muslim, Wazina Zondon and Terna Tilley-Gyado.


ATLANTA- May 22-25th @ SisterSong


You are what the movement has been waiting for... Monica Raye Simpson

You are what the movement has been waiting for… to Monica Raye Simpson from her amazing staff! 



Sister Song is committed to building the personal capacity of their staff as the foundation for building a sustainable organization and reproductive justice movement. Black women need to trust themselves and each other in order for the world to #TrustBlackWomen!


If the world trusted black women, if black women trusted themselves and each other what world would we live in and what’s at stake?


Bringing all of ourselves into the space, honoring the little girl within, setting the intention of the day, invoking elements and ancestors of this land and the elements that live within… we carved into the spring candle Truth, Power, Liberation and Love and that is who we will be in this space throughout the day!

Dayanara Marte- Outing CSA

Outing CSA

Dayanara is a stand to Out Child Sexual Abuse. Join me and the Heal2End Project and all victims and survivors who have sent in their videos and those silent in the world and send in your video to not only out CSA but to take your personal journey of healing to another level and our collective journey of liberation manifest.

Check out my video, Dayanara Marte on Outing CSA

CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNING: Child sexual abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, survivor Brown woman, wearing long shoulder length colorful earnings, red, green and yellow stripped head wrap. Has stud jewelry on a nose and labret piercing. Medium shot, wearing a black shirt, sitting in from of a white backdrop (wall/window with shear white curtains), speaking into camera/to audience.


Creating a video to out any trauma in our lives is very impactful. It takes courage and vulnerability. Read my initial reaction when I saw the video “Omg omg , being present to the feelings I’m having right now. I have written about it, I have spoken about it but to put this on video omg that’s a whole another thing. Thank you to Ignacio G Rivera from The HEAL project and Amita Swadhin and Maria Benbow for being one of the first videos I saw that helped me say fuck it I’m going to jump in and do it too! And to All the others who have submitted their videos to Heal2End Child Sexual Abuse.‪#‎outingCSA‬

It takes even more courage to take a stand against it. Read the project leaders, Ignacio Rivera’s response “Gracias! Thank you and Bo’matum Dayanara Marte and all the survivors who have and are able to participate in Outing CSA. We need to be talking about this broadly, openly and give face to it.”

To find out more about the project Meet Just Beginnings Collaborative Fellow, Ignacio Rivera